Adios 2014!

In with new and out with the old! Let’s take a moment and recap on how the year 2014 was one of those years that brought me one step closer to my ‪dreams, had me laughing, broke my heart and my wallet of course (lol). It was a year that allowed me to questions my motives and allowed me to put my life into perspective, let me discover who I am and allowed me to be more confident with myself. Without a doubt, it was a very social year where I meet all sorts of ‎inspiring people who I now call ‪‎friends. Thank you everybody who was a part of this journey and I wish you all a Happy Prosperous New Year! May the odds be in your favor.

Below I have recapped on some special/crazy/ awkward/ exciting highlights that took place each month in 2014 for me. After I was done I realized how much can happen in just one year. I began to see how fortunate I am to be a part of these amazing experiences (even if some were embarrassing but whateva it’s life). Enjoy!


– It was the beginning of my Savannah Waterfront Association internship adventures. So much fun by the way and the people I met are great mentors. Shout out to them for being so kind and caring, love you guys!

– Some young kid awkwardly asked me out at Wal-Mart and let’s just say…I was not ready for this type of situation. How does this happen to anyone? Seriously! And it doesn’t help when you are as awkward as me, just saying.

– My business cards came in the mail and I was official.

Business Card


-Took a leap of faith and applied for an internship opportunity in NYC. Kept fingers crossed!

– Finished my first week as a supervisor on a good note!

– Finally, after much hard work and dedication I had an article featured on CollegeFashionista’s homepage. Bravo!



– I was part of the biggest celebration taking place in Savannah, GA. Yes, I’m talking about St. Patrick’s Day celebration on River Street. I got to assist firsthand on what it takes to pull this operation together and learn a lot about marketing, PR and event planning. Good times, good times nonetheless.

-Got the greatest news ever in my email. I would soon be packing up my bags to head to NYC and fulfill one of my dreams of interning in the big ol’ apple. NYC here I come!



– Aside from birthday on April 14th, well let’s just say, being able to celebrate my birthday with my close group of friends at La Nopalera is priceless.

– The annual GALA night hosted by the HOLA club at Armstrong State University is always something to look forward too because having an excuse to dress up in a gown is always fun.



– Finally saw the movie Frozen and now I see why everybody is so obsessed with the movie. Let’s just say, my sister was ready for me to “let it go” that night.

-Packed my bags and next stop was NYC for an entire summer adventure into the unknown.

– Visited DIA Beacon galleries in Beacon, NY. It was my first destination to visit in the most beautiful, rural part of NY.  All I could think was photoshoot heaven!



– Met the CollegeFashionista team (meaning my internship bosses) and fellow interns (everybody was cool in their own style). They were so kind and very approachable. Shout out to my bosses for being great mentors too!

 NYC-8      Machuca082514-3 

– Met some amazing down-to-earth ladies through the course of my summer internship such as: Lexi Cross, Digital Marketing Manager at Lulu Frost; Jordan Guskind, Merchandising Coordinator at Seventeen Magazine (now Brand Partnership Director at CollegeFashionista); Carly Heitlinger, Blogger behind The College Prepster; Olivia Carrino, Public Relations at Shopbop and Sari Bibliowicz, founder of Bib+Tuck.

– Found my love for the Shake Shack on Madison Square Park—I was hooked since then.



Got to assist on a CollegeFashionista x Kohl’s campaign.

– Got to experience my first Uber ride and learn about its existence.

– One of the coolest gals I met through my internship, Kali, gave me a pair of white Birkenstocks and I was eternally gratefully!


– Finally had some me time and I decided to explore NYC and all its boroughs. That’s when I finally realized that Chinatown was behind Soho all this time.


– I was bored one morning so I walked from Financial District to the Brooklyn Bridge. My legs were toned that summer—end of discussion.

nyc-9   Machuca082514-8

– Finally took the time and stopped by my favorite place on earth in NYC—the MET museum. The Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit was incredible and the work displayed by this man were breathtaking.


– Went on a photoshoot adventure, with the one and only, Luke MacMillan to Roosevelt Island in NY.



– Visited Coney Island for the first time with my bestie, Mike! Shout out to him for visiting me from Atlanta.

nyc-12  nyc-11

– Ate my first Korean meal in NYC’s Korea Town and it was fabulous!


Took some time out and visited one my older sister in Atlantic City and explored the jersey shore.

nyc-14  nyc-15

– Yes! Finally back home in Savannah and hanging out with friends on the beach at Tybee Island because I am a Cali girl at heart, or so I think.


– Visited my first rooftop bar ever, in my life, the view at the Top Deck is amazing. Best sunset view in downtown Savannah.

– Ran my first mile in less than 9 minutes (I have not been able to do that since my cross country senior high school days)! Guess all that walking in the city helped.


– Got a soiree together and had a great night at the new Italian restaurant in Savannah, GA called the Florence. Let’s just say my favorite red wine, from now on, is Lambrusco.



– Got another part-time J-O-B because most of us know about that college struggle and its real y’all!

– Got chosen to be Savannah Children’s Choir administrative intern!

– My roomies (my sister & bestie) and I dressed up like M&M’s for Halloween and it was a success. Making those tutus brought back so many great memories from my freshman year of college as a Fashion Design major at Brenau University that I hold dear to my heart.



– I saw Matt Bomer (the main guy from the TV show White Collar) run in front of me at a Starbucks in downtown Savannah and I was in shock that I couldn’t even move. So yeah, I was pretty bummed out because I didn’t even mustered enough courage to get a picture with him or at least I could have said hi but no that’s not how Agee Mac’s world works.

– I regained my journalistic spirit by interviewing local boutique owners in the Savannah area for my column on CollegeFashionista.


– I met some pretty inspiring entrepreneurs in their respective fields through my current internship such as Zia Sachedina, owner of ZIA Boutique in Savannah and Chuck Chewning, Crative Director of Donghia, Inc.

– In my Entrepreneurship class, I got the opportunity to take on the role of CEO for my group’s Business Plan project and it was a great success!



– By far the best moment of this month was being able to spend time with my dad.


– Second, Christmas time with the family was a great dose of happiness.

– Third, when my non-profit internship boss tells me that I have helped raised more than $14,000 with my End-Of-The-Year appeal letter and it only cost us about .01% in expenses, let’s just say, it was a great feeling. I’m glad that I can make a positive difference in the life of children one step at a time.


Think you had a boring 2014? Guess again, go ahead and recap on those special moments (no matter how big or small)  that took place each month in 2014 for you. You will be surprised of all the blessings you had last year. Trust me!

After you are done with that task go ahead and make 2015 even better!






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