In Her Element: Brindaly Ramos

Since our community college days, this young lady has become my confidant and someone I can go to when I need a second opinion. She is definitely a strong woman who is not afraid to stand for herself. She has made it her mission to break from the norm and pursue a career in the science sector.

I finally sat down one day and asked her . . .

Agee:  Brinda, why did you choose Chemistry as your major? 

Brindaly: I wanted to pursue something different than everyone else. Something besides nursing because most women get placed in that category. I was like, there are not enough women out there in the Chemistry field  (or science for that matter) so I decided to do something about it.

Agee: What do you intend to do with your major? 

Brindaly: I will apply to pharmacy school but I have other options I can look into as well. It’s a competitive field but I don’t mind.

Agee: Do you have any advice for prospective “Chem” majors? 

Brindaly:  You better love Chemistry. The basic foundation core classes will help with the upper level chem courses. Make sure to pay attention in your foundation classes because it goes really in-depth and it explains a lot of the needed material. Practice problems over and over. When it comes to lab and experiments, don’t worry about being a 100% correct. It’s about getting the hands-on experience and learning from your mistakes. Just take what you learn in class and apply it on the job.

Agee: What motivated you to go to college? 

Brindaly: Because I wanted to. Well, my parents also played a role in my decision. They motivated me to go since they didn’t have the opportunity, so in a way it’s a dream of theirs and mine. Also, it’s for me only and I don’t want to depend on no one else. I’m an independent woman and there is nothing wrong with that. Also, I did it so my brothers could look up to me.

Agee: Do you have any college advise you would like to share?

Brindaly: It’s definitely not  high school–nowhere near that. Don’t come with that mentality of skipping class and get your s*** together.



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