Content Creator trying to motivate, inspire, and make a difference today. 

Ageda Machuca, known as Agee, is a published writer and content creator with a passion for telling stories, motivating and inspiring others with visual content, and an amateur city-life photographer. She’s an Armstrong State University Alumna with an MA in Professional Communication and Leadership 17’ and a BA in Business Economics 15’. Currently, she works as a communications professional and resides in Savannah, GA.

Ageda’s diverse work experience has allowed her to work in different areas of business and adapt to different forms of communication in various work sectors. Her end goal is to grow as a digital media professional within Marketing, Communications, and Product Development sectors.

“I would bring forth my diverse work experiences in editorial, nonprofit, academia, marketing and retail to support the needs of Sales, Product, and or Marketing team(s). It has been an interesting journey to see how my passion for creativity, writing, technology, and numbers has allowed me to create work that makes a difference and impacts others in a positive way,” says Ageda.

Feel free to reach out with opportunities or inquiries.




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